Help Choose My Coverage

Do you want the insurance company to pay to repair damage to your vehicle from things like flooding, a tree falling on it, you hit an animal, if the windshield breaks, if it is stolen or if it catches fire?


If you cause damage to your vehicle by hitting something like another vehicle, building or tree, would you want the insurance company to pay to fix it?


If you were to add up all of your assets i.e. value of homes, retirement and investment accounts, cars and money in the bank, what would they total?


Do you want your medical bills paid if you are at fault for the accident and are injured?


While your car is being repaired due to a covered claim, would you need a rental car until you get the vehicle back?


Does your employer provide you with a company vehicle that you take home with you OR do you use someone else’s car on a regular or frequent basis such as a roommate, friend or relative’s vehicle?


Have you modified or added anything to the vehicle since it was originally manufactured such as custom rims, carpeting, stereo equipment or wheelchair lifts?


Would you want to pay a few dollars a month extra now to avoid the insurance company taking a big increase later if you got into an at fault accident?


Do you want to pay a few dollars a month more now so the insurance company doesn’t increase your premiums a lot if you were to get a minor violation like a speeding ticket in the future?


Did you just purchase a brand new vehicle within the past 6 months and you are the original owner meaning the vehicle has never been titled to another person?




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